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Why hire someone without knowing they can do the job? Having no clear way to judge an SEO or marketing provider is one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to SEO projects. Having a historical success rate is the easiest way to judge a provider’s skill.

Don’t take their word for it. With RankRoost, you get objective data from a trusted source.

RankRoost tracks the effectiveness and result of each order and creates an algorithmic score for each service on our platform. When you need to choose an SEO service, you immediately know each provider’s track record.

How it Works

1. Place Your First Order

Browse services (called Roosts) offered by the SEO providers on our platform and select one that fits your budget and criteria.

Once you place your order, you add your keywords and URLs and the SEO provider starts working to rank your keywords.

2. Monitor Progress

While the SEO provider is working on ranking your keywords (we call that “being in the roost”), you have visibility into how your keywords are performing in Google and how well your SEO provider is doing at their job.

You can easily monitor Google rankings, Domain Authority, Page Authority, and the calculated scores for your orders.

Because RankRoost is transparent, you can see how SEO service providers are performing with all current orders, not just yours. URLs and other details are hidden, but you get to see exactly how strong their SEO game really is.

When a provider delivers strong SEO results, their score goes up. When they underperform, their score goes down. The winner in all of this? It’s you!

3. Order Completion

When your SEO provider has completed the work, they mark the order as completed.

The score for this order is updated for up to 6 months and remains on the provider's profile forever. It is part of the data used to compute this SEO provider’s score. This ensures that our platform only contains the highest quality SEO providers that are proven to be able to get positive results for customers.